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Maestro Talmi joins ACM Concerts Management in Spain. His new composition "Animi Motus", commissioned by the Prime Minister's Prize for Composers, will be premiered in Jerusalem in October 2016 and in Canada in November 2016Read more

  Le Corsaire Overture, Yoav Talmi / San Diego Symphony Orchestra
  …”The Munich Philharmonic does not always work under guest conductor with such an animated and disciplined manner…
It was immediately evident that the Israeli conductor Yoav Talmi developed good link with the musicians and induced them with his temperamental, sweeping manner to a most impressive achievement”
“Münchner Merkur”, Munich
  …”A Magnificently structured account of the three-movement Bruckner Ninth, stunningly played and given probably the best recorded sound of any Bruckner recording so far!”
"Music & Musicians” Magazine, London
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